Top 3 Movies Perfect to Chill with Friends

Top 3 Movies Perfect to Chill with Friends

Telugu movies are famous worldwide, and these movies are best to watch during your spare time. You can watch these movies with your friends via the best OTT sites and chill with them. On top of OTT sites, you can watch any Telugu movie as per your choice, be it action, romance or thriller movies.

Movies such as Ashokavanamloarjunakalyanam, Most eligible bachelor, and OriDevuda are considered the best Telugu movies. In this guide, you will learn more about these three Telugu movies to know whether you will watch them or not.

Top Telugu Movies to Watch

The top three Telugu movies you can watch with your friends are as follows:

  • AshokaVanamloArjunaKalyanam

This is one of the latest Telugu movies you can watch with friends and family. The director of this movie is VidyaSagarChinta, and the cast includes RitikaNayak, RuksharDhillon, RajkumarKasireddy, VishwakSen and many more. This is one of the unique Telugu movies that can captivate the minds of the audience.

The protagonist of this Telugu movie is a 33-year-old bachelor who has to cross various hurdles to find the woman he’ll marry. In his quest to find the girl to marry, he finds himself trapped in a series of misunderstandings. Friends and family have always asked him why he is single, and this is partly the reason why he looks to find a girl to marry.

This is one of the best Telugu movies,and multiple comedy scenes will make you laugh in this movie. All the actors, especially the protagonist, have delivered justice to their roles, and this is one of the best Telugu movies released by VidyaSagarChinta. You can watch this Telugu movie on the best OTT sites available.

  • Most Eligible Bachelor

This is a 2021 Telugu movie directed by Bhaskar, and the cast includes PoojaHegde, EeshaRebba, NehaShetty, AkhilAkkineni and many more. The story revolves around a guy named Harsha who is looking for a potential bride to marry, but he soon meets Vibha and falls for her.

Vibha is said to be an outspoken lady who often speaks her mind. But the love of the guy is put to the test when the girl challenges his perspective regarding marriage. There are various things to look forward to in this movie, including the unique scenes, dialogues and unusual chemistry between the guy and the girl.

This is an ideal Telugu romance/ drama movie you can watch with friends and family. There are various exciting scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seats, and it is a preferred movie for bachelors. The protagonist plays his role to the best of his abilities, and his energy makes up most of the movie.

  • OriDevuda

This is a 2022 fantasy Tamil romantic movie, and this is one of the best movies online. The director of this movie is AshwathMarimuthu, and the cast includes VishwakSen, DaggubatiVenkatesh, MithilaPalkar, Murali Sharma, AshaBhat and many more. The Telugu movie is about a young man named Arjun who is stuck in a loveless love marriage with his best friend, but the guy loves another woman.

The man cannot wait to get divorced from his current wife and move on to the love of his life. During the day of court, the main character Arjun gets a divine intervention from two unknown people. After this, he gets a second chance in life and is brought back to this past, where he refuses to marry his wife, Anu. But things do not go easy for the protagonist as many hurdles await him.

If you love watching Telugu movies, this is a movie that you cannot wait for, and there are many exciting things to look for in this movie. There are supernatural scenes in this movie that cannot happen in real life. This is one of the reasons to look forward to watching this latest Telugu movie.

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